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©Natalia Gordeeva, 2017

All rights reserved. 

Every time losing last hope and faith, being detached from existence and deep into frustration, I yield to the growing anticipation of the end.

When depression comes, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and I am on my way.

I know the journey will be tough and dangerous. But I must follow the white rabbit and look for answers to the questions which have been torturing me as long as I can remember.

The region I go to is alive and vibrant, it has its own principles, and everytime I join the path, I feel excited about new experience and new secrets awaiting for me.

There is enough space for me to hide and survive the approaching Apocalypse.

And I have to discover all the treasures and solve the riddles to reach tranquility I have been seeking for so long.

(work in progress)