Natalia Gordeeva is a Russian photographer (b. 1984, Krasnodar), experimenting with genres  of documentary and art photography. Since 2015 living and working in St. Petersburg.



- A course of lectures by Ekaterina Vasilyeva "Photography as art. Genres of photography from the point of view of the 21st century",

the  Art of Foto Gallery;

- Visual Room course, Fotodepartament institute, St. Petersburg;


- Ekaterina Vasilyeva’s Course "The feeling of home. Working on personal project"

- Art-lab with Salvatore Vitale at FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg;


13/07/2017 PRIVATE photography&writing

19/09/2017 PhotoArtMag

F-Stop Magazine #HOME (Ortober 2017) - Group exhibition

09/01/2018 Phosmag


Group exhibitions

2017 - "The Feeling of Home", Avent Inn Nevsky, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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